Carson High students used their academic and technical skills to create projects for the Linked Learning Showcase.

Above, Carson High School students created research projects as part of the school’s second annual Linked Learning Showcase. (Photos by Kyla Moore-Jones)

By Angela Poblano, Editor-in-chief
and Edgerrin Panaligan, Opinion editor
Carson High School Trailblazer

Carson High School hosted its second annual Linked Learning Showcase on Dec. 6 and 7, when students presented high-level, research-embedded projects to younger peers in a way that encouraged them to reflect on future college and career choices.

Three Carson High academies participated in the showcase: Global Business, Law and Government (GBLG); Performing Arts and Media Academy (PAMA); and Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology (ESET). The academies are part of Linked Learning, which combines academics, technical skills and real-world experience as students follow career-themed pathways.

The Carson High students presented projects to students from Stephen M. White and Carnegie Middle schools and the Caroldale Learning Community.

Students from each academy welcomed the middle school students to campus, acted as tour guides and gave presentations about their experiences and lessons learned at their academy.

“We did a Power Point presentation about hazing and bullying,” said Nicholas Brock, a senior from GBLG.

Added ESET sophomore Ruben Del Real: “I presented a board about what I learned on my field trip to Wyoming. I was excited to present to the kids because I showed them what they’ll get to enjoy if they join ESET.”

Not only were students excited to present to the eighth-graders, but so were Carson High School staff members.

The Linked Learning Showcase featured a performance by Carson High students.

“I helped with showcasing costumes from ‘the Wiz’ (last year’s PAMA musical) and coordinating the production for the eighth-graders with Señor Deur,” said PAMA teacher Gale Kadota. “The PAMA production took place in the multipurpose room with the Marching Blue Thunder Band, ROTC flag salute, and dance routines.”

ESET teacher Karen Vernon stated: “We want to entice the eighth-graders, we want them to know what we have to offer, that we are competitive with the magnet schools, and that they shouldn’t give up on Carson High as a choice for high school because we do have great things going on here.”

“I hope that the eighth-grade students see that we are about high level quality learning,” said Carson High Principal Dr. Windy Warren. “I hope that our current students see that as well, as we’re always trying to transform the way we teach and the way our students learn.”

Stephen M. White eighth-grader Jason Quiroz believes Carson High School will be his top choice when choosing his future high school.

“I liked the ESET Academy because you can have more hands-on activities like auto mechanics,” he said. “Also, the Comedy Sports in PAMA was interesting because they made things up on the spot.”

This year’s Linked Learning showcase has been a success. With the variety of presentations and performances, future students are bound to want to come consider the endless opportunities given at Carson High School.