Above, Fremont Senior High School graduates, from left, Ashley Mejia, Liset Rivera, Andrew Melendez, Rebecca Salinas and Hector Claros show off the honor cords that distinguish them as high-achieving students. All bound for UCLA, the Fremont students are among 2,900 Districtwide who will be awarded honor cords in recognition of their academic success.

Recognizing the critical importance of rigorous instruction in preparing students for college and career, Superintendent Michelle King has created an annual “honor roll” of high-achieving graduates, who will wear distinguishing purple honor cords during next week’s commencement ceremonies.

An estimated 2,900 graduates who earned at least a 3.8 grade-point average in their A-G courses – the slate of 15 academically challenging classes required for admission to California’s public universities – will be included on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. Those graduates will wear honor cords draped around the necks of their graduation gowns in recognition of their academic achievement.

“The new Honor Roll recognizes our students’ success in mastering the A-G courses, which are essential to California’s educational pipeline,” King said. “I am incredibly proud of these graduates for their phenomenal academic achievements.”

Fremont High graduate Hector Claros snaps a selfie with classmates as they model their honor cords.

L.A. Unified requires all students must pass the A-G in order to earn their diploma. The requirement is designed to increase admission to the University of California and the California State University systems, which require that graduates complete the A-G with a “C” or better in order to be eligible for acceptance. Offered across seven subject areas, A-G courses include calculus, philosophy, physics and composition and literature.

Students on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll will receive a tasseled purple cord to wear on Graduation Day as a hallmark of their academic achievement. King selected the regency purple color because of its historic connection to power and wealth.

“As we continue toward our goal of 100 percent graduation, we must remain mindful of the need to prepare our students for the future,” King said. “Success is their A-G courses is a strong indicator of the potential for our graduates to succeed in college and a career. We want to recognize their hard work and honor them for their achievements.”

Trying on the honor cords during a preview of their commencement ceremony, some of Fremont High School’s top-achieving graduates were impressed by the memento of their education and what it represents.

“It’s a symbol of all the hard work we did, and the positive things that happened,” said Rebecca Salinas, who will be attending UCLA in the fall as a pre-med student.

Added Hector Claros, who is headed to UCLA as a history major, “It’s just really cool.”