Superintendent Michelle King today released the second video in her new series on important issues facing L.A. Unified, with a discussion of the District’s second-interim budget that will be coming out next week.

In her 3-1/2-minute message, King explains the financial challenges facing district leaders and their strategies for maximizing support for schools through the prudent allocation of state and federal education dollars.

“We will remain responsible stewards of our budget and will manage our limited resources in a way that allows us to continue serving students and supporting staff as we move toward 100 percent graduation,” King said.

The superintendent’s first video was posted in mid-February and focused on her strategic plan – a three-year road map that details the academic instruction and personalized supports that support the District’s goal of 100 percent graduation.

King is producing the videos as part of her effort to strengthen her connection and improve engagement with L.A. Unified students, families and employees.