The last time the L.A. Unified school board held an off-site retreat was in August, when it met at Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center to discuss hiring the next superintendent.

On Tuesday, the board held another retreat – this time with new Superintendent Michelle King – to address attendance and enrollment challenges and begin discussions on how to align L.A. Unified’s resources with its goal for student success.

“Today, we begin a conversation about the District’s financial status, and the strategies for addressing the challenges we face,” King told the board during the meeting held at the LA84 Foundation headquarters. “This meeting will give us a clear vision of the path we need to take to ensure that every student graduates, and that they are prepared for college or the workplace.”

During the 2-1/2-hour meeting, King and Chief Financial Officer Megan Reilly talked about the recommendations made by the Independent Fiscal Review Panel, including strategies increasing enrollment as a way to maximize the revenue generated to fund District programs. For instance, the District is working to improve attendance, but also has allocated money to each of L.A. Unified’s six local districts so they can craft their own plans for boosting enrollment.

“A solid financial foundation is critical to making long-term, systemic gains,” King said.

Here are King’s presentation to the board on the budget and enrollment.