Above, left, Anthony Vu and Mulholland Middle School student Alvarez Baracamonte. At right is Angelica Arreola-Razo and Hale Charter Middle School Principal Christopher Perdigao. (Photo by Richard Jyles)

By Lia Olga Maria Castano
Personnel Commission

L.A. Unified has joined with the state of California in officially recognizing the third week of May as Classified School Employee Week in honor of classified school employees and the contributions they make to the educational community. Each day this week, we will profile a Classified employee selected by the Personnel Commission’s Organizational Excellence Branch for their exemplary work in support of students. Today, we honor two Outstanding Classified Employees in the Paraprofessional Category: Anthony Vu from Mulholland Middle School and Angelica Arreola-Razo from Hale Charter Academy.

Anthony Vu began working for L.A. Unified in 1976. He has been a key component in assisting students with disabilities achieve inside and outside the classroom at Mulholland Middle School in Lake Balboa. He advocates for the student, and is also responsible for improving school culture and climate though his campus-wide advocacy for equity and civil rights.

“Anthony leads by example and is a model citizen who possesses the passion, attitude, and work ethic to improve the world of today and tomorrow,” said special education teacher Breanne Vabuenal.

He continues to volunteer countless hours beyond his paid work day, each and every year, working with students for hours at a time, within the school setting and our urban community. He also returns during the summers, participating and volunteering his time during the extended school year classes.

Angelica Arreola-Razo is an exceptional special education assistant at George E. Hale Charter Academy in Woodland Hills. She assists special education teachers tirelessly and always exhibits a positive disposition throughout the day. She never complains about her work or what is asked of her.

“Angie assists me every day by walking my students to class, lunch and to the office at the end of the day, so I can help out three periods in Adaptive Physical Education,” said special education assistant Ken Weisbrod. “She is an exemplary worker who is deserving of the honor to be so recognized.”

Angelica is always willing to help students and co-workers alike.

“Angie is great and a true asset to our school,” said Assistant Principal Shauna Lehtihalme.