Ask her classmates at Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary School to describe Abby Sahagun, and they might say she is “shy” or even “introverted.”

But the fifth-grader becomes effervescent as she tours the Glenfeliz Garden, where she discovered a love of photography that has captured the eye and won the admiration of professionals.

“I like photography because it gives me an opportunity to get out into nature more, take pictures and enjoy the day,” said Abby, who is enrolled in Glenfeliz’ School for Advanced Studies.

“My favorite picture is of this little frog, because it reminds me of the trip I took to San Diego Safari Park with my family. It was a perfect place to take pictures, and it reminds me of the great time I had with my family.”

“My fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Jack Galindo, has also influenced me,” Abby continued. “He likes photography, and we come to our garden or take walks around the school to take pictures for our art show.”

Click here to see a portfolio of Abby Sahagun’s photographs.

The Glenfeliz Garden is the District’s first to have a Farm to Table and Culinary Arts focus. The program encompasses science, math, English, social studies and art through a garden and culinary lens. The garden serves as an outdoor classroom where students can observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn.

And, it’s the perfect venue for Abby to hone her skill.

“Abby’s photographs capture the essence of the dampness of morning dew, the warmth of a radiant sunlight and the quiet sounds of a peaceful garden,” said Dr. Steven McCarthy, director of the District’s Arts Education Branch. “Abby’s unique artistic eye enables her audience to not only see, but also feel, smell and hear the glorious moments she spends in the garden.”

“That is what art provides,” he said. “Abby is a true artist.”

Abby’s photographs also caught the eye of Jorge Gil, a graphics designer for L.A. Unified, who was shown some of Abby’s work while he was on assignment at the school.

“As soon as I saw them, I thought ‘wow, she needs to enter this into a photography contest,’ Gill said. “She has such an eye for beauty and is creative on how she frames her photos.  She can find the most attractive and inspiring photo in the most unexpected places.”

Although she aspires to be a gymnast, Abby still plans to work on improving her photographic skills.

“I love photography because it gives me an opportunity to come outside and enjoy the day. Because, we are a school of advance studies, having a garden and culinary arts programs allows us to study nature and pursue other advance programs.”